Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring cleaning

"For every minute spent in organizing,
an hour is earned."
-Benjamin Franklin

If I had planned to do it, it would never have happened...some times for some things, I operate better spontaneously. Last night, I noticed how the lacy pantry curtains looked grimy. Off they came and into the wash they went. Then this morning, after I returned the clean curtains to their sparkling, window-paned door, I realized the kitchen windows could also benefit from a wash, and wouldn't fresh air feel good in our cooped-up winter house. So, up those screens flew and out came the vacuum cleaner. And as the morning proceeded, the beds were stripped, sleeping spaces aired by opened windows, sheets laundered, shower scrubbed and shower curtain washed and bleached. My house feels lighter, fresher, cleaner. Ready for spring. And so am I. These few days off have been good.

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