Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My big brother turned 6o last week, so last weekend my sister-in-law threw him a big (really big!) surprise party.  We drove to New Jersey to celebrate and that we did, all weekend.  Saturday night was a family dinner, with steak, smashed potatoes, ice cream cake and presents.  I knit Dick a pair of birthday socks to go with the gift certificate designated for his hobby--photography.

The next day, after church (where he lead the service and preached two times), we somehow managed to get him to the big fellowship hall where 160 friends and family waited to fête and roast him. 

Knowing him the longest, I kicked off the roasting. It was actually more difficult than I originally thought to pull out only a few story snapshots about our growing up in the Eisenhower 50's and the Kennedy/Johnson 60's. We had a loving, secure, and (in our own Herman-way) magical childhood.  I have always liked having a brother; he has always been scholarly, wise, reflective, loyal, disciplined, kind, and thoughtful--truly a man of God from a very young age. There has never been a day in my life when I could not say I was proud of my big brother….I still am.  Happy Birthday, Dick.  I love you...

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