Saturday, May 8, 2010

Toe Up Socks

My husband mailed off my son-in-law's birthday socks this week, so (hopefully) they will arrive in time for his birthday, early next week. This toe-up pattern was knit from Knit Picks fingering weight tweed yarn. Happy Birthday Chris!

I learned how to knit socks using this same toe-up, short-row pattern which is actually a bit more complicated than the more traditional knitted heel-flap-and-gusset sock pattern, created from the cuff down. Every time I plan a sock project, I think about the choice of these two looks and fit. I like the look of the the toe-up pattern; it looks like a store bought sock and fits snug to the foot. But I also like the cuff down gusset sock (see my previous green striped sock post), and I really like how it comfortably cradles the heel.

I guess my sock story is a bit like other things in life--there are many possible paths to a final destination and many good choices to reach a similar end result. There is rarely only one way to do something. In our increasingly either/or world, we too easily forget that it can be both/and.

1 comment:

  1. This is so awesome...the socks, the patterns, the writing, the analogies to life.

    You always make me think good, calm, peaceful thoughts. Like someday everything will be alright, and right now isn't so bad either.

    I get that from a pair of sock patterns? Or wait...I got that from your gifted writing!