Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thinking organically

So, I finally ordered organically grown yarn. Yes, as many seek to "go green," the yarn industry is not to be left behind. Of course, there is a price to pay for purity, and the cost of organic yarn surpasses the run-of-the-mill (wow, really fitting this particular vernacular expression!) yarns. My niece, the only other granddaughter of my beloved parents, is having a baby, and somehow her baby gift must reside on a different plane from all the hats, sweaters, blankets, booties, and toys I have knit for other mothers-to-be and new babies; I am, after all, the "matriarch" of this branch of the Herman family tree. I feel the weight of that role as I imagine my mother's voice directing me me to take care of such things.

Organic cotton seems and sounds just right. In my search for the perfect gift and perfect yarn, I have ordered two skeins of two yarns--Blue Sky Organic Cotton and Lion Brand Nature's Choice. I will make two striped hats and then compare softness, quality, drape, and look. And finally, I will calculate how much it will cost to make the blanket I have in mind...we'll see.

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