Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Cleaning Saturday

I cleaned my clothes closet this morning, putting away those definitely-winter clothes and bagging up those definitely-not-going-to-wear-anymore clothes for Saint Vincet DePaul's thrift shop. Then I organized the closet rod left to right-- skirts & pants, tops & sweaters, jackets & dresses, and finally, at the mother's mink coat, encased in a red, zipped-up bag until I am cold enough and brave enough to wear it someday. It takes up far too much room in my 1930's size closet, but I don't care. Mom's coat stays in my closet; I look at it and remember...

After I finished that job, I proceeded to change the sheets (another job I often put off far too long) and then proceeded to float down to my study where two mailer bags of yarn sat--one from Knitpicks (sock yarn!) and one from Jimmy Bean's (Noro Silk Garden and purse handles for a purse I want to make).

It feels good to put heavy woolens away, line up my clothing, sort out magazines, and make meaning of the disarray that accumulates around me. Spring seems to call us to do that--ready things to begin anew, with promise and hope. How lovely.....


  1. really organized that closet!!!

  2. You should wear that coat... didn't even know you had it!