Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reality Returns Tomorrow

Tomorrow I head back to school after a most magical spring break. It was a time to see films (Slumdog Millionaire, Lars and the Real Girl, Australia and The Water Horse), bake and cook, read and knit, walk and ride bikes, and sleep in and nap. I feel rested and restored.
We had almost the whole family here this weekend (our son-in-law was home in North Carolina); it is pretty special to put two extra leaves in the table, run the dishwasher after every meal, and see toys and bodies strew all over he house. With our family living from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, making time to gather doesn't happen easily, so we don't take it for granted. I do so love my family and feel so blessed to have wonderful children, a magical grandson, a generous son-in-law, and a vivacious daughter-in-law to be! Spring is truly on its way and life is good.