Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thankful for small things

Jim and I had a surprise invitation this week to join a CROP walk friend for dinner. Alice, a widow, moved late last year, leaving deep New York roots to settle here in Central Pennsylvania. To us, it seemed (and still seems) a courageous move. Thus, Wednesday night we joined her for dinner at Foxdale, a Quaker sponsored retirement village. The food was nourishing and tasty, the company delightful, and being among senior citizens a comforting reminder of my mother and father. It was a special joy to reconnect with the Dalys, long time friends of my parents.

A simple meal, the comfort of friendship forming, and a glimpse of things to come..someday. I am grateful for this gentle interlude in the middle of my week.


  1. Oh I like the makeover for you blog--great new colors!!!1

    We've got to catch up--for some reason the past week has been nutty--we've a snow day today though which is welcome. I look forward to our time north!

  2. And we talk daily about you coming...such a delightful treat for us!