Saturday, November 23, 2013

Looking back & moving forward

I returned to my former classroom this week, stepped back into that space of life where once I lived and breathed.  Best of all,  I saw two of my most beloved professional friends and proteges. It was oh-so-good to see these sweet women with their dual growing mama bellies. Whenever I worry about the future of public education, these are two of the teacher faces I summon to assuage those fears.  

As is often done, we gathered, we teachers retired and in active service, to toast, feast, and celebrate the upcoming birth of baby Dinsmore.  It was a glorious gala!

I loved being there for just those moments--quietly taking in my past, scanning the classroom to notice old familiar patterns with new twists. It is good to observe generations as they continue and unfold.   

p.s.  My gift for baby D was this soft pink sweater (knit from this old favorite pattern) and one more bedtime bag.  

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