Friday, November 29, 2013


It was an odd juxtaposition, two memorials to two lives occurring concurrently. One sung and spoken within the doors of this stately historical church centered right in the heart of town.  The other played out and celebrated on the high school football field directly across the street. 

Two men, one the father of a high school friend, the other a former student of mine who both died this past week, one day apart.  One man lived well into the fullness of time, leaving a legacy of a long and lettered life in academia, church service, and family devotion.  The other, a man still living the fullness of life, not yet 30, who leaves behind tales from varied fields, courage against insurmountable odds, and the abiding love of family and friends.  The contrast appeared dramatic as I walked the street between the two this morning, quietly praying goodbye blessings for Brandon as I climbed the steps to recite the same for Ann's beloved dad.

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