Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our Crazy Eight

Alexander turned eight on Friday.  Eight years old!  All boy now, he is growing and changing in delightful ways.  Possessing his own developing sense of humor, he appreciates a good joke, Grandad's sense of humor, and even Nana outsmarting him in Connect Four.  

He delights in discovering new worlds through his microscope and the pages of the chapter books he now reads silently to himself. He independently walks the short lane from the school bus to his house.  He is making a car for the pinewood derby.  Even though he wrote out the valentines for his classmates in record time (all 22 in 10 minutes he claims), he sustains lengthy telephone conversations and composes sweet and thoughtful thank you notes.

 His drawings are detailed and imaginative, summoning Richard Scarry comparisons in some of the scenes he creates.  He knows how to negotiate the iPad and Netflix with greater ease than the rest of us. He makes models and can assemble hard ones pretty quickly with only just a little help. He is a good speller, knows his math facts, and is conscientious about completing his homework. He has friends and loves to hang out with them. He is a really good big brother...

He loves surprises, even though it is still hard to wait for them. He remembers things.  He is gentle. He is loving. He is kind and loyal.  He is our first grandchild, our first grandson, and he is quite adored...

(He also generously indulged his nana by modeling, posing, and mugging for pictures with this hat, her most recent knit!)

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