Thursday, October 18, 2012

Et cetera

October's autumn rests gloriously upon us now, its shadows and color calling us to attention.

A sensory feast sits before us--the touch of the season, the mixture of hues, 
the inhaled crispness of the air. 

Our eldest child, our first born son turned 40 last weekend.  Goodness.  How did it all go by so quickly?  Time is compressing: it seems only a few years since I myself turned 40. In a twinkling of an eye...

We celebrated big time with some family...

...some friends, lots of food, and a few funny photos.  

It was a happy, happy day.

And still I knit, working my way through a purple shawl, learning how to attach beads to its hem.  How I enjoy ending my days by stitching a few stitches and then reading a few lines

I am not certain why this fall seems so full, but it is.  By October's end we will have traveled out of state twice, spent time with all of our children and grandchildren near and far, visited with Jim's sister and my brother and family.  We will have dined with Chef's on Stage to benefit Strawberry Fields and walked with CROP to help ease poverty and hunger.  We will have continued to cheer for Penn State and will have listened to relentless political rhetoric swirling in this season of a presidential election.  Somehow, I thought retirement life would be slowed, that perhaps the clock would simply tick less. But since time and tide wait for neither man nor this woman,  my quest continues to seek and learn to live every minute of each day, drinking fully from its deliciousness. All in good time...all in good time.

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