Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Tonic

We just returned from spending the week in North Carolina. What a gift these days were for the end of March, and what has been for us here a mostly cold and rather gloomy start to Spring.  And speaking of gifts, this is what awaited me upon my arrival---a special plate, wrapped with a note, handwritten from my Alexander.

Our primary responsibility this week was spelling our pregnant daughter from childcare duties, with her helpmate away at a conference.  In addition, Jim and I shopped, cooked, and did multiple loads of laundry.
Of course being hands-on grandparents was joy, pure-and -simple, for us.  We toured the Africa section of the North Carolina Zoo on Alex's day off.  I happily assumed bus duty for him and had the privilege of meeting his teacher and seeing his Kindergarten classroom (it is really rather amazing the blooming that occurs in Kindergarten).  I was his lunch packer, snack provider, homework coach (loved it!), his game partner, bath overseer, and bedtime reader.  As a Nana who lives over eight hours away, participating in each one of those daily routines was a treat most rare. 

On the road trip South and while I was there, I knit my daughter (and new grandson James), a prayer shawl (with this wonderful yarn).  If I can't put my arms around her all the time, I can at least leave a wrapping of yarn that will.

An added bonus of the week was spending time with sister Margie who is learning to knit (how cool is that?!).  So we sat together and knit together for a while.

And now I am home, batteries recharged and soul the love of family.


  1. I'm so happy for you, and just a little green with envy. But really, what a blessing all around, for you and Jim, for Barb & Chris, and for that precious little carrot top. How could you not have all hape days?

  2. Many hape days indeed! This Nana is the finest I can imagine; a joy to watch with her grandson Alex. Her love will not be divided between her two grandsons, magically it will be exponentially bloomed.