Friday, April 10, 2009

Birthday Sock Pledge

One of my favorite things to knit is socks, perhaps because rarely am I disappointed in how they turn out, AND they are just so darn practical. I have a draw full of my own hand knit socks, which I wear daily after discarding sandals in the fall. Socks seem so forgiving. They hide under jeans, yet create a funky presence when padding shoeless around the house. If they stretch out, I just wash them, throwing them briefly in the dryer before blocking them on a towel. I don't have to wash them after every wearing, they are certainly more colorful and unique than generic, store bought socks, and I feel a certain sense of permanence wearing footwear knit on size 1 or 2 needles (the equivalent of a bamboo skewer). They wear well, yet if they do wear out, I simply make another pair.

My children like my socks too...or so they tell me. The year I learned to knit socks, I made everyone a pair for Christmas, creating a bit of sock overdose. This winter I decided that birthday socks are really a better idea--spread it out over the year (although we have series of March, April and May birthdays!). At any rate, to my children (and their spouses, both present and upcoming)...I hereby pledge that for your birthday every year from this time hence, you will receive a new pair of socks. It pays to read my blog! (And Jim, if you ever change your only need to say a word and a pair is yours!)

Here is the latest project...socks for Rob's 30th birthday from great yarn, KnitPicks Felici self striping yarn.


  1. Well now, this is a pledge I will gladly accept--I do LOVE your socks and wouldn't mind gradually turning my sock drawer over to mostly 'mom socks'---

  2. We were raised well, and as such do not lie about such things as preference in footwear. I too love these socks, and they are a regular part of my sockwear routine. Also, every time I put on a pair of your socks, I think of you, and that is nice. Thanks! :)