Saturday, January 3, 2009

Prayerful Knitting

I have two friends currently battling cancer; daily they remain close to my heart and constantly in my prayers. Knitting for them really helps me create physicality to that care. For Carolyn, a fellow breast cancer survivor facing a sentinel node biopsy and radiation, I extended Christmas knitting by creating a pink Fair Isle headband with left over skeins of Lambs Pride wool. For Debra who has thyroid cancer and who also faces more surgery and radiation treatment, I decided upon a prayer shawl from a skein of Duo, a soft, Swedish yarn I bought at Gate City Yarns in Greensboro North Carolina. My knitting focuses my thoughts and my prayers, all the while creating something of warmth and comfort. Tonight I fastened the tassels on Deb’s shawl and tomorrow I will write out a prayer to include in each tissue-wrapped package…gifts from my hands and my heart.


  1. Wow, you completed this very quickly--it is beautiful!!

  2. It is just one skein of yarn..I made two from those two skeins. I love that yarn...don't you?

  3. Yes, I do love it--so soft and nice to knit with I think.