Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Women helping women"

Last week, a women's comedy improve troupe (No Artificial Sweetners--isn't that a great name!) that my daughter-in-law belongs to, staged a benefit performance to help the women of Mwariki.  Prompted by the stories of Brenda  Eppley, a Fulbright Fellow, these players made people laugh and in return asked for a donation of money, yarn, or knitting books to send to global sisters seeking sustainable ways to live in a village where the male population has been decimated by war.   Brenda documents the story here.  Read it.

As a knitter and quilter, I am captivated by stories that connect those of us who work with our hands.  Women have always clothed families, covered beds, and warmed hands and heads with the yarn and fabric passing through their hands.  Women have always championed their families, their villages, education, justice, and peace in words and deeds that reflect a uniquely feminine voice and step.  Like Brenda and like Alexis and her friends, I too want to help in whatever small way I can. My small part was to pack up some yarn and books from my stash to theirs, from my hands to theirs, and from my heart to theirs.  May God bless them as they learn and labor.

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