Saturday, April 14, 2012

Going South

We just returned from spending time in the South, being quickly transported from this Northern Spring to an almost summer.  There, the azaleas are nearly past blooming, the trees stand green and lush, spring onions tower above the grown, and lawns have been cut more than once (we have yet to start up our mower).  Nine hours away, life hums along, singing a different tune.

It is good to get away and step to another cadence.  Separated from daily chores and weekly agendas, life slows down.

There is time for leisurely walking along a country road...

Time for talking over a family lunch in a charming and friendly diner.

Time for building...

And wrestling.

Time for vegging...

And sitting.

Going South for us is a thing of wonder, because going South means being with our grandsons. Grandparenting is decidedly easier than parenting. There is, after all, simply more time.

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