Friday, October 21, 2011

Beginning to think Christmas

This week held one delightful day of putzing, time to dally around the house, cooking, cleaning a bit, straightening up, and arranging autumnal adornments.  I love those days of easy freedom; believe me, the luxury of doing that at my leisure is certainly not lost on me.

Even though fall is just now in full swing, I have been thinking a bit about Christmas.  I have two gifts already knit, folded up and stashed in my knitting closet, awaiting blocking.  I also have a few gifts bought and tucked away in cubbies and chests. In addition, one knitting gift is on the needles and one sewing gift was begun Saturday during my second quilting class.  I am learning how to use triangles!

I like making things to give to people I love and care about.  I think on those faces and those people during the making, and that for me is the best part of gifting.

The older I grow and the longer I live the less having and getting stuff appeals to me.  For the most part, I think in our country we have more than enough to use, manage, and organize, so heaps of presents under the tree is not what I aspire to create.  Truly, the story and reality of the incarnation, the intentional gathering together of the people I love, the family traditions, the quiet beauty of the season, and the passage of time each successive Christmas marks are the things I cherish.  May it be thus for all of us this year...

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