Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Two Weeks

Each summer, we host our grandson for a week we call "Camp Alexander."  This year's Camp Alexander was sandwiched into a two-week period surrounding the birth of Alex's new baby brother.  It was a very full and very busy two weeks. And while both Grandad and Nana were plum tuckered by its end, memories were made...

We built Hot Wheels tracks all over the lower level.  We took a day to go over the mountain and into Rothrock State Forest to visit our friend Jackie and her cat room at Stone Valley Pet Lodge, check out the raptors at Shaver's Creek, and take a cold swim in Whipples Dam.  We spent one sunny afternoon wading at Spring Creek Park and the second sunny day of the week at DelGrosso Amusement Park in Tipton.  Alex taught me how to play Angry Birds on my iPad, and we taught him how to ride his bike sans training wheels (conceivably the highlight of the week for us all). We had shakes at Baby's, saw the Smurfs in a movie theater, and played on the slides at Sunset Park.  At the end of the week, Alex and I flew home to his newly expanded family where he lovingly assumed his new role as big brother.

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