Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Something old, something new, nothing borrowed, but two things blue

I just finished a neckwarmer/headwarmer, matched it up with an old pin from a box of my mother's costume jewelery, and sent it off to my daughter, tucking in the package:
a Julia Child cookbook (that was her Nana's too), a calendar for Chris, and gloves that Alex left here.

Now, I intend to knit myself a sweater. A bit done with gift knitting for a while!

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  1. Reading your blog is such a pleasant Sunday evening thing to do. The neck warmer with pin is lovely. I get misty eyed at remembrances of your mom. Several times when visiting State College I would walk to her house with little Nathan and Aaron in tow. (That was back when my parents' home was a block away from your parents' home.) She was so kind to spend time with me, and always so wise in her advice. And, she served us the most scrumptious shortbread I've ever had.

    Thanks for sweet memories tonight.